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Welcome home!

Harmony Home was created with love for you to experience harmony & well-being.
Here you will learn to live life in a healthier way – calmer, happier, and fuller.
It is a luxury boutique retreat center designed to host a maximum of 8 people at a time to ensure quality, personal attention and plenty of space for each person to rest and feel at home.
Harmony Home is a small paradise surrounded by majestic Mediterranean mountain ranges and natural parks creating fairy tale-like ambiance where time seems to slow down and worries fade away.
It is safe, secure, easily reached by car, ideal for solo travelers, a perfect place to get away from tourist crowds and traffic.

Antonina, an experienced Yoga & Ayurveda Therapist, will guide you to your optimal health, relaxation and inspiration with the help of the ancient tools of natural health - Ayurveda, Yoga, Hypnotherapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Medicine.
Health and wellness education is an important part of Harmony Home Wellness programs.

To begin your gratifying journey to harmony, join one of our signature wellness programs best suited to your needs. 

We hope to see you soon!

Deep Relaxation

This retreat program is focused on your total disconnect from stress, fast pace and busyness. Here you will do everything to restore and heal your nervous system. Everyday soothing massages, therapeutic yoga, healthy healing food, clean air, guided relaxation evening sessions... all focused on the restoration and healing of the nervous system.

Book from 2 to 7 nights or  

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

This highly popular program is tailored to each person's unique Ayurvedic Genotype and is focused on relaxation, healing and education. It includes 1:1 consultations with Antonina, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga Therapist, health coaching, Ayurvedic daily treatments, herbal medicines and a 3-month post program recommendations.

Book from 5 to 7 nights or 

Ayurvedic Deep Detox Panchakarma

This program is focused on a deeper detoxification from toxic waste (Ama) creating illness in the body/mind. It is geared towards healing your Agni (gut biome) and helps any health issue. It takes place only in the fall/spring and is personalized including detox concoctions, Ayurvedic herbal medicine, treatments, yoga and special diet. It is designed only for people who are serious about healing and are willing to follow a relatively strict regimen.

Book from 6 to 8 nights or


What Our Guests Say

"Thank you so much!!! For the beautiful stay and the wonderful things you taught me and the transformation! Big hug"

Silvia, Psychologist, Belgium

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"Antonina, our beautiful host, ayurveda & yoga teacher, has solid knowledge, which acquired over 30 years. She takes a lot of time for all your issues & wishes & builds a personal plan that can be easily integrated into your daily life at home. We also enjoyed the daily massages. We are convinced that we can benefit from it for a long time because we have the tools to do so. We enjoyed a lot the private atmosphere of this modern Andalusian house with all the pine trees, birds, garden, and terraces. The food was prepared with care and love. It was a pleasure to have breakfast on the terrace and lunch on the patio. We could fully relax this week with Antonina and had a wonderful time. We got exactly what we were looking for: a healthy week with healthy food, yoga and treatments. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Jose & Antonella, Switzerland (Ayurveda Program)

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“ my visit could only be for a two day retreat with Antonina, yet it felt full and very enlightening . I will always consider this experience as a milestone in my life, and I am truly grateful to have met the radiating love-full Antonina. Thank you, it has been a most serene time of calm, recollecting and learning at a profound level. The bright open space of the house and it’s garden all around felt peaceful and very well cared for…i left with a sense of clarity and purpose that is still with me. and so till the next time“

Kitty, Attorney, UK (Relaxation Retreat)

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It was a trip of a lifetime and I am heading back to Maine with a heart full of love and head full of invaluable knowledge. I am so grateful to you for making this all possible.

Julia J., Counselor & Therapist, Portland ME (Yoga Program)

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Harmony Home has been such a great experience. Beautiful environment and teacher. I can say that meeting Antonina has been a blessing in life. I have made a sister on this journey :).

Liz York, HR Director, USA (Relaxation Retreat)

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Antonina, I want to thank you sooo much for your help during my stay at harmony home. As you saw, I came back to life there. That journey has continued since. I'm now full of joy and love for the world. I have as much hope as I did on my 17th birthday. And I am so looking forward to the next chapters of my life. I can't thank you enough for your kindness, help and guidance! Your professional wisdom, strength, and grace is amazing. Thank you.

Chris Mc G., Technical Director, UK (Ayurveda Program)